Laptop products

Specialized in the design, research and development of the electronic products including laptops, BitLand provides services for Lenovo, its major customer in China. Its products range from slim laptops such as S210S210TS20 and S20T, home use laptops such as N480 and N485 to deformation touch laptops such as A10 and Melon. BitLand dedicates itself to innovation during the research and development of the laptops, in hopes of providing better experience for its customers.

Tablet PC products

With the update of the modern electronic products, BitLand began to set foot in the market of the tablet PC, focusing on the design, research and development of the tablet PCs to meet the demand of the market and its customers. The tablets PCs of the series of Kuga and Kuga- Mini designed by BitLand are favored by the consumers with its high configuration, high performance and the operator-friendly design.

Mobile phone products

The personal smart portable mobile phones based on MTK platform cover multiple platforms of the medium and lower end and perform superiorly in many aspects by courtesy of over a score of years technology accumulation of BitLand in the PC industry. With the integrated R&D, design, manufacture and maintenance system, BitLand is capable of providing various types of high-quality products including 4G complete machines, 4G bare machines and PCBA in order to meet the requirements of the customers for the products.

Graphics cards and Computer Accessories

BitLand which is specialized in the one package service ranging from R&D, design, test to the shipment of the graphics cards of medium and lower level for the desktops boasts to be one of the biggest manufacturers of the graphics cards in China. Besides, the company has a mass shipment of network cards, 1394 cards and card readers.

LCM module

The LCM, defined as the ultrathin flat display device located in front of the light source or the reflector, is made up of a certain amount of full-color or black and white pixels. Characterized by low power consumption, the LCM is applicable to the electronic devices such as the cell phones, tablet PCs and laptops. It is mainly based on the principle of stimulating the liquid crystal molecules by the electric current to generate dots, lines and surfaces which would coordinate with the rear modulator tubes to form images.

PC Mainboard

PC Mainboard, also called mother board, is the parent body of PC, the core part of the PC system. By courtesy of over a score of years technology accumulation of BitLand in the PC industry, BitLand has become one of the biggest and the most specialized manufacturers of PC mainboard in China.